BizSchool December Programme 2016 feedback

For Event: BizSchool December Programme 2017 2017-12-01
Publish date: 2017-05-10

BizSchool December Programme 2016 feedback

The December Programme is our annual flagship programme, which took place from Friday 2nd to Wednesday 14th December 2016.
(2  – 4 December- camp in Magaliesburg then continued  Monday 5  – 14 December at GIBS, Illovo). Our goal was to help participants in various skills which include: 
  • Self-Awareness – your strengths and talents, your personality – what makes you tick!
  • Career Counselling including psychological career testing by qualified psychologists and coaches, including feedback.
  • Work Place Readiness including:  preparing a personal CV, interview skills, how to job search, how to handle yourself in a work environment etc.
  • Adult Life Skills including time management, public speaking, group work, personal finances, basic IT skills including setting up your own email address, using Google and basic Microsoft word skills.
  • Entrepreneurship Skills on how to start your own mini company: including taking a product from a concept to market ready to sell at various markets over the second BizSchool weekend.
  • Action and Attitude: Taking responsibility for your life, setting your goals and making it happen!
Delegates who have completed the programme will now become part of the BizSchool Alumni. BizSchool will host various events, and these will assist us in tracking what the alumni have been doing during and after varsity. They will also get the opportunity to be part of the BizSchool Mentorship programme, where they will receive valuable support and advice from professional volunteers. The alumni will also get a chance to volunteer their time for administrative tasks at BizSchool, and also the opportunity to become a group leader during the BizSchool December Programme 2017.

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