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BizSchool – Refusing to give up on South African youth

Many young people in South Africa today emerge the day after completing matric or a tertiary institution , with no idea of what to do next – they have no plans to study and little knowledge of what the world of work entails.  Too often they give up on themselves, and wider society gives up on them leaving them to drift. 

At BizSchool we believe that it is not too late to help such disadvantaged young people.  BizSchool’s mission is to equip young people with the attitude, skills and knowledge required to excel and be fulfilled. Our programmes assist young people in navigating their career paths through career testing and counseling as well as ongoing mentorship. The participants are also taught small business and entrepreneural skills as well as life skills and work readiness skills. Steven Covey’s seven habits for highly effective people are used as a framework to aid the life skills component. Some work readiness and personal skills include how to write a CV, interview skills, job searching on the internet, managing personal finances and self-management.

Core to the programme is an Apprentice-style hands-on experience of being a young entrepreneur.  Our December programme participants have to prepare a business plan and earn a loan which we provide to make and sell a quality product at a local market, hopefully break-even or make a profit and pay back the loan.

And even after the initial 2-week programme – attended by over 700 young people since 2008 – we continue to support them through mentoring, alumni events, and additional programmes.  They become part of a BizSchool on-line community which gives them access to job advertisements, internships, study bursaries and enterprise opportunities.  Follow up in 2015 showed that of those who had been attending Bizschool, 85% are now working, studying or creating their own businesses. 


All of this is delivered at an exceptional low cost because of the time that highly-skilled volunteers give as lecturers and mentors and the assistance of other donors.

BizSchool is managed by a board that meets three times a year, consisting of BizSchool alumni and various professional volunteers.

BizSchool also has informal partnerships with other organisations including: The Jesuit Institute, Tomorrow Trust, Rose Act, Alex Education Committee to name a few.

As a non-profit company, BizSchool relies solely on funding and donations as well as on a database of volunteer professionals who would like to give “something back” by delivering the programme content. In order to ensure that this is of the highest standard and quality, the professionals are given a guideline lesson plan for the lesson they are presenting. They then have to submit their personalised lesson plan prior to delivering the lesson, feedback and constant monitoring is provided during the BizSchool sessions.

The database is regularly updated with volunteer professionals who would like to be involved and BizSchool is constantly on the lookout for those who are keen to make a difference. Once off presentations, mentoring, leading of small groups, learnerships, financial donations would all provide perfect opportunities for people to get involved in BizSchool.




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